Wisdom teeth removal in Chatham

Wisdom Teeth Removal in Chatham

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A common procedure done by Dr. Caryn Miller, DMD is wisdom teeth removal in Chatham NJ Bristol. There are many reasons why a tooth may need to come out including its inability to be restored due to extreme decay or disease, an overcrowded mouth, an injury that breaks off the majority of the tooth or the inability of the tooth to fully erupt through the gum.

The most often extraction procedure is wisdom teeth removal in Chatham NJ. Wisdom teeth are the very back molars on each of the four corners of the mouth. They generally erupt between the ages of 18 -21. The adult mouth has a total of 32 teeth but was really designed to hold about 28 teeth, so for many adults there is simply no room for these extra four back teeth. When they erupt they can cause overcrowding or sometimes come in at an angle, which opens the area up for decay and possible infection. Often the wisdom teeth cannot fully erupt through the gums and become impacted, which causes pain, swelling and the area can become infected. In these cases our doctor will extract the tooth or teeth. Many dentist advocate simply pulling all four wisdom teeth as soon as any problem manifests itself among any of these four teeth to avoid further problems.

Our doctor will perform wisdom teeth removal in Chatham NJ by first numbing the area with a local anesthetic and then making an incision in the gum if the tooth is impacted in any way. Our doctor will then remove the tooth material and roots by both simply loosening and pulling it or through a slightly more involved surgical procedure if necessary. Sutures will then be placed to close the gum. There is usually only minor swelling and discomfort at the surgical site after the procedure and the patient often returns to their normal routine by the next day. If your wisdom teeth are causing you any pain or discomfort or are misaligned and your dentist recommends removing them call our office for an appointment.

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