Periodontal treatment in Summit

Periodontal Treatment in Summit

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Treating Gum Recession with Soft Tissue Grafts in Summit

We understand that any kind of surgery is something you take seriously, and that’s as it should be. It’s always wise to weight the benefits you expect to get against any potential risks or complications. Fortunately, here at the periodontal practice of Caryn Miller DMD, LLC, treating gum recession with soft tissue grafts is a procedure that is effective, safe, and that has positive implications for both your oral wellness and the look of your smile. Our periodontal treatment in Summit is designed to restore optimal health and keep both your gums and your teeth from succumbing to the consequences of gum disease.

There is interdependence between your teeth and gums, but some people are not as aware of their gum health. You should have a complete oral examination and teeth cleaning every six months, with one of the major benefits being that if you have signs of early stage gum disease, or gingivitis, they are reversed. Gone is redness and irritation, and in their place are vibrant, strong, pink gums. However, for various reasons, including skipping that twice-yearly cleaning or underlying conditions that can worsen gum disease quickly, you may end up with periodontitis, the advanced stage of gum disease. Among the impact that the inflammation and eventual infection can have on you is that your gums recede, leading to the roots of your teeth being exposed. This is when you need our periodontal treatment in Summit. Soft tissue grafts are accomplished by taking gum-like tissue, such as from the roof of your mouth, and adding it to your gums so that you now have the normal amount you used to, and the roots of your teeth are once again protected and looking natural.

Contact our office so that we can book an appointment for you. After an examination and consultation, you may discover that you need our periodontal treatment in Summit.

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